As you know, this whole wedding planning time I’ve had some other ideas bouncing around in my head.

Because, of course, I never seem to slow down.

And since the jury is still out as to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I’m going to keep riding the impulse until someone tells me life is supposed to be different.

So, this morning I signed up for this:


The full iron distance.

I’ll let you think about that one for a second.


I’ve always known that this year is one of my last for a pre-baby iron distance.  And I hemmed and hawed about which and when and ultimately lost the chance at the ideal race (IMAZ) because I was busy honeymooning.  (Which actually means I was napping and/or eating.  Or taking a bath.  Or watching CSI.  Or all of the above.)

And I was seriously bummed because I had convinced myself that the course was perfect and the financial investment was okay and I had already had the thumbs up from Michael for it all.

And then Molly clued me into the fact that it had sold out.  SOLD OUT.  Just like that.  While I was relaxing.

Boy, was a bummed.

So, Michael and I talked about it and the possibility of IMKY came up.  It’s the only one left.  And the terrain scares me.  And the cost was also substantial.  I just didn’t feel the race like I needed to, you know?  I had reservations before starting, which would be a bad place to start.

And the thought of a non-IM brand was discussed.  And we both realized that I could do the distance — glory and all — with freeing up all those extra resources for something (someone) I really need to get me across the finish line.

You know who I mean.

It’s not the IM brand, and that does make a difference to me.  The experience is different, I know that already.  But it was my moment to compromise.  Because we’re a team.  I could do an IM brand, but I want to buy a new house just as much as Michael does.  And when you get married, your spouse will always want to give you the world in an oyster, it’s your responsibility to only take what you need.  And, the honest answer is that I only need the distance.  I don’t need the m-dot.

So, Beach to Battleship it is.  And I’m STUPID EXCITED for it already.

I’m going to rock this race, guys.  Rock it.