I’m already unsure as to whether I made the right decision to go with wordpress.  (Like, would typepad have been worth it?)  I just didn’t have much time to mess around with picking a new venue, but was tired of the issues I had with blogger.  Like not being able to provide inner dialog make mistakes with a font tool.

But I need some help.  I want to do some things here and I’m avoiding buying the wordpress for dummies book.  Although that would be kind of great fun to read.  (In the bathroom.)

Here’s what I need:

  1. A way to track, in sidebar, my training.  Preference is for something that will import automatically from another, relatively sophisticated setup.  (In a perfect world, a place that sinc’s with my Garmin.)  I was thinking Buckeye might work, or Map My Tri, or something.  Regardless, I want to have a snapshot of workouts from the week at minimum, and preferably annual totals, cute icons, and links to maps.  Trainingpeaks offers the best setup (and I heart them), but I don’t think I can share data here, just a link to the public page.
  2. My feed.  Right now I’m feeding my whole post to reader and facebook.  I’m not a total slut for comments, but I do want people to see all the stuff I plan on including in my design for the page.  How do I switch it back to only feeding excerpts?
  3. I totally don’t know how to manipulate the html on the stock design I picked.  In all honesty, I think blogger was easier.  (That whole elements packaging of the page made sense for idiots like me.  I could do it.)  I just can’t seem to figure out how to amend the simplest of things, like the text on my header.  Maybe I’m an idiot.  Or maybe I’m lazy.  Wouldn’t be the first time (in either case).  I guess I should get that book.
  4. My reader shows no data on subscriptions for here.  Could be that nobody loves me, but I’m thinking at least one of the subscribers from IM Able converted over.  (Megan, I’m looking at you, babe.)  Why can’t I see them?  Is it wordpress?
  5. I keep all my imaginary internet friends in a Google Reader.  Can I import that to wordpress so it will show on my sidebar?
  6. Can somebody comment on Typepad and why it’s worth paying money for?  Is it better?  Does it bring you coffee in the morning?  What’s the deal?
  7. And I’m open to any suggestions you guys have.  Even if it’s to run screaming from wordpress and do a ____ account instead.  What I want is for it to look professional, clean, and purposeful.  I plan to put a lot of stuff here about training, fertility, pictures, etc.  Oh, and words.  Lots of words.